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recipe: thai chicken salad

I think it’s pretty obvious I’m not a food photographer. I’m not a food blogger. I’m barely a blogger at all! Nevertheless, I feel the need to share this recipe with you. Andrew and I eat it probably once a week. It’s not the easiest salad in the world, but it’s easy enough I could do it in my sleep at this point. And it’s seriously delicious.

photo 3.JPG

There are 4 parts to this salad: dressing, veggies, protein, and crunch.


1. Put the following in a container that you can blend in:

  • 6-ish tablespoons of vinegar (I like red wine vinegar)
  • 3-ish tablespoons of oil (I like olive oil, canola is fine too)
  • Generous handful of fresh cilantro
  • Juice from a lime (optional)
  • Roughly chopped garlic clove (optional)
  • Teaspoon of sugar

2. Blend the bejeezus out of all of those things. This is what a stick blender is made for.

3. Add a small container of plain yogurt (I like greek yogurt for extra protein). Blend a bit more. Now you have tangy, creamy cilantro dressing.

NOTE: I never measure anything. This dressing is super forgiving, so feel free to just estimate. It will taste great.

photo 2.JPG


I like to start with a base of baby spinach. Andrew likes mixed greens or a spinach blend. To that we add any of the following:

  • Carrots (diced or shredded)
  • Bell Peppers (diced)
  • Anything else that sounds good: asparagus (blanch it first), edamame (technically not a veggie?), red cabbage, broccoli, peas, sprouts… really, add any veggies that sound good to you.


We always make this with chicken. The one thing you have to buy is this Spicy Peanut Bake in the asian section of your grocery store. You sprinkle it on some chicken, stick it in the oven at 350 for 20-ish minutes (depending on how small you cut the chicken), and roughly chop. Done.



We both like cashews, and I also like raw ramen noodles (crunched up). Peanuts could work too.

Layer together the veggies, chicken, and crunch. Top with the dressing and enjoy a pretty damn healthy and REALLY tasty main dish salad.


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how to buy yourself 20 minutes of peace and quiet

It’s Friday! Let’s crowdsource the best ways to get a few minutes of “alone” time while in the company of toddlers. Here are mine:

1. Give kids a box of tampons. Bonus free minutes awarded for a multi-color pack.

You want 10 minutes of peace and quiet? Let your kids play with a box of tampons.

2. Give kids a stack of sticky notes. Note: Must start teaching children how it’s equally fun to put things back in the box/in the trash when they are done with their destruction.

sticky notes

3. Put kids in their cribs with books, toys, etc and let them poke each other’s eyes out “Hunger Games”-style.

"nap" time

Who else has some better ideas for me?

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7 favorite things at 16 months

Just for fun, here are Teddy & Holden’s current most favorite things:


1. Climbing. If they can climb it, they will climb it. That includes chairs, tables, benches, window ledges, etc. Nothing is safe!


2. Going down the stairs forward. They like to hold on to the vertical bars on the railing and “walk” down. I would much prefer if they would go backwards on their bellies like we taught them!

3. Throwing everything. It’s fun to throw balls! Less fun (for mom at dad) to throw food. Also, you have to be careful for a pacifier or other plastic toy being tossed at your face.

(Here is a video I’m not smart enough to embed.)

4. Dogs. If we see a dog while we’re out, and we get to pet the dog and let it lick us, then the twins are in HEAVEN. Holden also would like you to read his Doggies book to him 58 times in a row. Woof! (P.S. I’m sorry children, but we are never getting a dog.)


5. Shoes. Holden likes to get your shoes from the other room, bring them to you, and try to put them on your feet. I also bought them some new shoes that have rubber bottoms (different from their soft-soled ones) and they love to clomp around in them.

6. Medicine Bottles. Since both boys are on antibiotics right now (stupid ear infections), they’ve been getting a lot of doses of drugs. They love to play with the syringes and bottles and pretend to give medicine. (I’d say this was weird, but I wanted braces when I was a kid, so…)


7. Belly buttons. Don’t be alarmed if the boys want you to lift up your shirt. I swear, they’re just looking for your belly button. They are also very happy to show theirs off.


By this time next month, I truly hope that their favorite things include: sleeping past 5:30 am, flying on airplanes like sweet, docile angels, swimming in the pool, getting 100% of food served to them into their mouths, and learning to blow their own noses.

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