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July 18, 2014 · filed under twins

twenty months old

These crazy kids are getting awfully close to being two years old and I better take a moment to write down what’s happening right now.

First, my little redheads have gone almost completely blond. They suddenly have so much hair that their first birthday photos look alien to me. They have also had a major growth spurt in the last month, which has left us with too-small shoes that I was hoping would last into the fall. They are wearing mostly 24 month clothing, with a few 18m or 2T in there as well. I can tell they are getting bigger because I’m finding it hard to carry them both at the same time, and when one wants to snuggle on my lap it feels like their limbs reach from my head to my toes.

No pants Thursday

They have added some new words, though most of them are animal sounds: woof, hoot, roar, meow (just Teddy), sssssss (just Holden), and ee-ee-oh-oh (you know, like a monkey). Holden will usually say B words: bus, ball, bear. Teddy says goal (thanks, World Cup!). They both say up, mama, dada, dog, cat, and “row row row” (as in the boat). Teddy will also speak full sentence mumbo jumbo where I have no clue what he’s saying but he is very sure of himself! Something new is that both boys will “sing” if I ask them.

The best thing about them talking, though, is that no matter what you ask them, they both say, “yeah” to nearly everything. Do you want some water? Yeah. Do you love your mama? Yeah. Do you want to go outside? Yeah. Are you crazy? Yeah. So affirmative!

They smushed on the chair and insisted I sing "row row row" a million times

We did a session of swimming lessons, which were not very fun because the pool was so cold. But whenever we’ve taken them to a warmer pool, they are much more confident and brave in the water so I think the lessons have helped (either that or just more regular exposure to swimming). I got a fitbit so we’ve been going on a ton of walks and exploring new parks in the neighborhood as long as it’s not too hot.

We met a horse friend. The boys were scared at first (when there was no fence between us) but warmed up to her!

Last week Andrew was out of town so I took the boys up to my parents’ mountain house. They LOVED it. They got to throw rocks and sticks into a lake, feed a horse, watch hummingbirds, and just explore and “hike” all around.

Right now they love cars and trucks. On our walks they point out every car, truck, and bus. At home they love to push around anything on wheels. They also love books, especially books featuring tigers and bears. Current favorite is Mr. Tiger Goes Wild and I read it probably 10 times per day.

They finally are solidly on a one nap schedule (about 90 mins, though I wish it were longer!). There were a few days where Teddy got a 2nd nap in the car and didn’t go to bed until 10 or 11pm, so I learned my lesson and we’ve been staying much closer to home to avoid the dreaded car nap. For awhile they were waking up at 6:45am but this week they seem to be back on a 5:30am schedule. Whhyyyyyyy, children?!?! They go to bed at 7 or 7:30pm pretty consistently and {fingers crossed} haven’t had too many night waking recently.

They eat a big variety of foods still. Beans, cheese, turkey, chicken, corn on the cob, strawberries, toast, peanut butter, yogurt, quesadillas, peas, edamame, pasta, meatballs, watermelon, cantaloupe, and definitely avocados.


Holden has become obsessed with stuffed animals. He hugs them (so sweet!) and tries to sleep with as many as possible, including a moose, elephant, and sheep, and sometimes a bison and a frog too. Teddy remains obsessed with pacifiers and I’m convinced he will rely on one for a long time still. Sigh.

Here a few photos from my nice camera. The hiking one is a bit old (from April) but is a good shot of what it’s like to “hike” with toddlers. The rest are from June, so age 19 months.


T & H-1.jpg

T & H-7.jpg

T & H-14.jpg

T & H-16.jpg

T & H-29.jpg

T & H-23.jpg


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  1. Elaine
    July 19, 2014 10:02 am

    Yes yes and yes! These boys are just so cute and sweet. Charlie “says” the same stuff and still screams all the time. For not saying a lot of words he can really expressive himself ! :) And I think he will also be attached to his pacifier until 17 years old. Can’t win them all! I need to see you guys! Going to email you this week! xo

  2. Aly (@breathegently)
    July 19, 2014 9:39 pm

    I am so in love with those gorgeous little boys, they just look like absolutely awesome characters. xxx

  3. alissa s
    July 20, 2014 11:34 am

    What big boys they are getting to be. C just turned 19 months so I am going through major baby withdrawal. You all are looking very happy.

  4. Janssen
    July 20, 2014 9:23 pm

    Oh my heavens, they are so big! And handsome. Holy cow.

  5. Feisty Harriet
    July 21, 2014 10:08 am

    What!? HOW ARE THEY THIS BIG!!!??! Seriously, weren’t they, like, adorable little Bumbo babies last week or something? Dah, so much charm and personality!


  6. Melissa
    July 21, 2014 2:18 pm

    I still have a hard time remembering that Holden & Teddy are only about 4 months younger than Matthew, who already seems too not-a-baby-anymore-ish to me, and ACK, they really ARE turning into little boys!! Look at all their haaaair! Cuter than ever, and those blue eyes are gonna be trouble… :) Love all the pictures! Hopefully in the next year or two we’ll make it out to CO and our boys can all run wild together! lol :)

  7. K
    July 21, 2014 6:31 pm

    My goodness they look so big and yet so little all at the same time.

    And you are beautiful as always.

  8. katelin
    July 21, 2014 10:31 pm

    oh sweet mercy they are just so precious and so big! love it. can’t believe they’re almost two, where is the time going!?

  9. Melissa
    July 22, 2014 2:23 pm

    They are looking so much alike these days! Adorable!

  10. velocibadgergirl
    August 5, 2014 10:46 pm

    Goodness, they are beautiful!